Flower Essence Temperature Colour Change Jelly Lipstick


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All my lipstick lovers, listen up: You're about to fall head over heels in love with this lipstick because it's pure magic. This clear lipstick is infused with jelly, gold specks, and a tiny flower placed right in the center. It's basically the glass-encased rose from Beauty and the Beast, the lipstick of your dreams.
Why you need this:
  • Uniquely gorgeous: Clear, gold specks jelly lipsticks, each one featuring a tiny dried flower inside
  • Once it is applied to lips, the clear jelly lipstick transforms into lovely glossy pink 
  • The color may change depending on your body temperature and PH level, staying lighter if you are cool, and deeper if you are warm. So everyone has their own lip color and you are the unique one.
  • Each lipstick has a pleasant floral scent and is housed in a deluxe signature tube
  • Long lasting and moisture, let the plump and charming lip along with you whole day long.
  • Most beautiful lipstick that every woman should own one!

Package included:

  • 1 x Flower Essence Lipstick


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